How to detect radiation in objects, food and environment?

If you are a proud owner of one of the SOEKS Geiger Counters and would like to measure radiation in any object, food or environment, here what you need to do:

  1. Turn ON the SOEKS Geiger Counter and measure radiation background away from the object for about 2 minutes.
  2. Face the vents on the back of the detector towards the object or food you would like to measure. Try to get the device as close as possible to the object.
  3. Compare two readings you received in the previous steps.

If the readings from the object are constantly higher than the background readings, it means that the object or food emits radiation. If it’s significantly higher, the SOEKS detector will tell you right away even without comparing.

Will it detect radium in watches?

Yes! SOEKS Geiger Counters will easily detect beta and gamma particles and ionizing radiation in Radium that is accompanied by gamma rays. Beta and Gamma can penetrate and damage DNA cells and that kind of radiation is detected by SOEKS meters.

How to detect radiation in water?

Radiation in water accumulates on the surface. As the radioactive particles propel from the surface, you can easily detect them with SOEKS Radiation Detectors.


Basically, you want to hold the device as close as possible to the surface of water. You can even put water in a cup and place the device on top. Be careful not to drop the radiation detector in water!

What do nitrates in fruits, veggies and meats mean?

Nitrate tester is the first level defense against food poisoning. Nitrate meter is ideal for the household use and will answer the main question: “Is the food product safe?”. The laboratory testing will more likely to provide a more accurate result, considering all the tests are done correctly, however it’s an expensive, long and comprehensive analysis, where all the food is mashed first.

In common life, the lab accuracy is not needed. The main advantage after testing with a portable Nitrate tester is to understand if the product is safe to consume or not.

Developers of pocket Nitrate testers allow accuracy to fluctuate plus or minus 15% from the perfect point. This is due to the uneven distribution of nitrates in the products (e.g. left side of the fruit may have more nitrates than right side), individual mineral content of the product, unique characteristics of climate and soil where the product was grown.


HOWEVER, to understand if an Apple or a Watermelon is SAFE TO EAT and to give it to a child – the Nitrate tester will TELL YOU THAT WITHOUT DOUBTS!


– don’t use the same whole in the fruit for multiple measurements
– after you stick the nitrate tester, give it some time to adjust to the temperature
– always stick the nitrate testing probe all the way into the product
– it’s OK numbers to differ a little bit due to the differences in the product but look for the whole picture: is it safe or not?
– don’t make soup from vegetables with HIGH NITRATES, the broth accumulates 60-80% of chemicals inside and can do harm to the body
– boil veggies with open lid, so some of the nitrates can evaporate with steam
– frying or baking only removes 10% of nitrates
– the best way to protect yourself and your family from nitrates is to make a habit to test products with SOEKS nitrate tester before cooking or buying them

It’s important to mention that ECOVISOR F4 is the most accurate Nitrate tester available on the market as it has 5 points of contact with the product and automatic temperature compensation.

What are RF and EMF differences?

RF stands for Radio Frequency. You have radio signal at your house? Listen to the radio while driving a car? Using “walkie-talkie”? Those are all radio frequencies, which can travel great distances and are “long” waves. They do not affect the human body in any way, and are absolutely harmless.


EMF stands for Electric & Magnetic Field. Since magnets affect the cells in the body and electrical currents inside our brains/body can be affected by external scource of electricity, it’s important to minimize the constant exposure to those. In many cases checking your home for “hot zones” with high EMF, moving furniture and electronics around can do the trick.

Besides the above, there is also ionizing radiation, which can penetrate and destroy cells and DNA.

The detector you got measures both EMF and ionizing radiation (dosimeter function).

I’m sure that the things you can measure with the meter you have right now are x1000 more important that the harmless RF which we already have everywhere. RF is easy to detect (turn on the radio receiver) but it’s not important despite what the “smart” guy says.

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